3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper
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3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper #1
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper #2
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper #3
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper #4
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper #5


Decorate your lock screen and home screen with 3D Photo Cube live wallpaper. It provides the different 3D cube photos.

3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper has six sides and each side you set different photos from gallery. A rotating cube gives 3D effects on your screen. Set various images to each side of cubes and set it as you Live Wallpaper.

This 3D My Photo Cube live wallpaper features a rotating 3d cube showing pictures and photos from your gallery. Increase or decrease motion of photo cube on main screen.

Set your favorite photos as cube background. Control cube rotation.

How to set 3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper on your screen:

-> Just open app and set photos for all side of cubes.
-> You can set image from gallery or Capture from camera directly
-> Change cube image transparency
-> Set rotating speed of your photo cube
-> Pick image background from gallery or select from our collections
-> Click on Set Wallpaper and view on your home screen


- Change opaque of cube images
- Control Rotation Speed
- Change Background easily
- Easy Settings
- Real 3D Cube effect
- Beautiful cube design
- Six sides and all are changeable
- New amazing text features added
- Full view canvas
- Beautiful background images
- Easy image changing
- Convenient to use
- Its fully free

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