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English Language Teaching English for children X3 Kids

More than 14 hours of video animation and musical training

Suitable for all children from 12 months to 12 years of age

Alphabet education, vocabulary and vocabulary instruction, color and form tutorials, animal dating, business acquaintance, math training, poetry and song, time and time instruction, supplementary education along with painting contest

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Titles Alphabet Section:

Primary Education Alphabet English - International song English alphabet - Funny color letters - English alphabet writing instruction - First name play - Daily exercise with English alphabet - Alphabet tutorial plus vocabulary - Alphabet circus - Alphabet practice and quiz - Detect aeiou sounds - Reading Tutorial - Learn to read alphanumeric characters

Titles in the vocabulary and vocabulary section:

Primary vocabulary training in four sections - Learning Level 1 words in fourteen sections - Learning more than 30 words - Easy reading syllables - Learning long syllables with the letter E - Learning long syllables - 20 words for kindergartens - Pronunciation and syllabus words

Titles Education Colors and shapes:

Basic training for colors - basic training for shapes - painting colors and shapes - rhubarb and square training - four cool shapes - how many shapes? - Color combination - Name shapes and colors - Polygons - All shapes - What color? - which shape? - Ovals - Polygon song - What is this color? - Fun quiz - Practice finding colors

Animal Classifieds Categories:

Familiarize with Farm Animals - Mistress of the Mountain - Familiarity with the sound of animals - What sound do animals have? Familiarity with Jungle Animals 1 and 2 - Dancing and Humor with Animals

Numbers Training Numbers:

Let's take it down to five - five small frogs - five little monkeys jumping on a bed - five ducklings - six ducklings - seven to two females, seven to cats - ten to rabbits in a bed - one, two, ... my shoelaces - Count up to ten - Count up to twenty - Train coins - Combine coins and count - Count up to one hundred

Topics in Business Familiarization:

I work on the railways - Pat Connaed - Jack House Builder - Hotel, Ganad and Butchers - Meet ....

Titles of Mathematical Education:

Teaching the four main actions individually, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Titles of Poetry and Song:

Watch out for a camel named Alice - Humpy Dumper - Lucy goes to the market - Six pence - Three kittens - Ants parachute - I have a little turtle - Mary had a lamb - Go for a toilet - Three pigs - A shark family - I'm a little teapot - the King of the old - Teddy the chicken - Tinie Team Locke Stack - Bingo - Betsy Spider - McDonald's Pier Farm - Farmer In The Valley - Tingle Little Star - Dediel Dreams - Jack Woloby the Magnificent - The old lady who lived in your shoes - The green lawn grows - Two children of the crow - Down the bay - Jack the saver does not work - Not on the game - On the meadow - Little red chicken - Where's the little dog? - At the train station - Jack Sparta is not fat - Peter pumpkin - Gay Bashko - Vigli WoW - Frosty - Little Le Pep - Fur goes - Ugly Duckling - Exercise with the present - Little success and Mary - The rules of the toilet - Sticker - Hey Diedel - Team Tucker and Jack Horner - Little goodbye - Tossed man - Hot Bread - Bridge London - It goes around the mountain - This old man - Going to the Bear Cave - Bonnie Foof - On Macaroni - Peanut butter and jam, Baron song - I love you - We also work more together - Little pigs go to the store

Titles Time and Time Division:

Decorative Clock Song - Learn to Speak Clock - Learn to say half an hour

Topic Upgrade Topic:

Preparing for kindergarten - Life science for children - Human respiratory system - Familiarity with fossils - Skill skills - Writing skills - Familiarity with matter and atom

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