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Makkah Photos HD مکة المکرمة

Makkah Photos HD مکة المکرمة

حجم:۲۲.۷ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۱۵(۱۳۹۵/۰۷/۰۳)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 2.2 (Froyo)
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صور رائعة لمكة المكرمة بجودة عالية
يحتوي على خصائص عديدة و رائعة
لا تنسونا من الدعاء الصالح
يرجى وضع تققيم للبرنامجPlease check the PRO version:

This is a recommended app for every one and especially if you will visit Makkah
Makkah Photos HD is a free android application made of the best pistures of Mecca and Hajj, the holiest city in the religion of Islam. If you a true believer it is good to personalize your homescreen with the best sights of Mecca that are adjusted to your screen size.
The application consists of the images of the most beautiful landmarks of Mecca: photos of Masjid al-Haram also called Haram or Grand Mosque, Kaaba and many other beautiful backgrounds.
Features of wallpapers app:
- Works offline - no internet connection required.
- Ability to set any image as wallpaper.
- Ability to go through the image and select the best piece of the image.
- Ability to zoom in and zoom out the image.
- Ability to stretch the image to fit your device screen.
- Click on images to switch between the beautiful ones.
- Ability to save the image to your SD.
- Ability to share the app.
- Free and always will be In Shaa Allah.
Mecca ( /ˈmɛkə/; Arabic: مكة‎, Makkah, pronounced [ˈmækːɐ]) is a city in the Hejaz and the capital of Makkah province in Saudi Arabia.
As the birthplace of Muhammad and a site of the composition of the Quran, Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory upon all able Muslims. The Hijaz was long ruled by Muhammad's descendants, the sharifs, either as independent rulers or as vassals to larger empires. It was absorbed into Saudi Arabia in 1925. In its modern period, Mecca has seen tremendous expansion in size and infrastructure. Because of this Mecca has lost many thousand years old buildings and archaeological sites. Today, more than 15 million Muslims visit Mecca annually, including several million during the few days of the Hajj. As a result, Mecca has become one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the Muslim world, although non-Muslims remain prohibited from entering the city.
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   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

-No Ads
-Make it Free
-Added more than 120 new more beautiful images
-Added the ability to share the photos to facebook, twitter, google+, whatsapp,..etc
-Added the ability to set the photo as your profile images
-Added the ability to enlarge the photos and walk through it
-Set any part of the image as wallpaper
-Fixed wallpaper saving on some devices

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