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✿ Live Emoji Camera ✿
Do you want to emoji face? Do you want a special and personality picture or video? come on LiveEmoji. There is a magic app that make your face to be emoji face.

Ultimate Live Emoji Camera app for free! Create great funny emoji face and smillies photos and you can share instantly to other app or save to your photo gallery or library for offline view.

Apply emojis on live camera and have fantastic fun features.

This is a live emoji face swap. Automatic face detection you will find here.

Make your face to be an emoji face. Different kind of emojis for all occasions you will find here like heart shaped eye emoji’s, smiley emojis, funny emoji’s, part face and more.

It can create stunning emoji eyes and face on your face,It looks special and magical for your photo by using Live Emoji. We have face with tears of joy emoji, smiling face with heart, shaped eyes emoji, screaming in fear, shocking, sick, and many other emoji! you must be choose Live Emoji!

Easy to save and share these emoji’s on any social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more. Assign any emoticon to a contact on your phone. We have latest collection of emoji s and high quality emoticons for chat moods.

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