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'Snap, snap',the fun of continuous shooting!
Just one click,the camera will snap continuously and compose all photos into one collage that you can share it right away. There are a variety of cool frames to choose for different styles of the photo collage (more special effects are coming)!*No complicated menu, all functions can be seen on one interface. Perfect for users who love simplicity;
*Support collage format including 1×2、2×1、2×2、4×1 and 1×1 etc.
*Snapping intervals: 0.5s/1s/3s,that user could adjust; default interval is 0.5s which is most suitable for snapping
*Different collage formats when shooting in horizontal and verticle screens;
*Click the picture to enlarge and scroll left and right to view photos;
*Photos will be saved to the local folder of SD card/Camera Menue automatically;
*Support photo enhance, please click save after enhancing it;
*Sharing button, sharing online instantly;

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

Ver 2.7.3
Advertising system optimizationVer 2.7.1
Camera function adjustment.
Ver 2.7.0
Fix the bug.

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