Champions League Live Stream

Champions League Live Stream

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★ The first message when you click on Matches might be 'No Data' . Don't panic! Just click it one more time and the match list will load :)

Finally, the best app for watching and streaming online football is here! Now you can enjoy and watch Champions League and Europa League directly from your Android phone. No need of flash player, NO MORE annoying ads that are poping out when the football match is streaming.

★All you need is to simply FOLLOW THE IN-APP INSTRUCTIONS and in less than 2 minutes you will watch live any Champions League match and you will be able to broadcast how your favorite team is playing.

• This app requires Sopcast Player for playing the live streaming matches. It's free and you will get the BEST streaming quality! 100% GUARANTEED !

• ATTENTION: The match list is loading in 30-60 seconds.BE PATIENT and don’t close the app!

★ If the match list is still not loading then try to Change your IP address ★

• ★ Click on any match to see details (Streaming links, Score , Time & Date when it starts) ★

• To get the BEST streaming links then please visit the match exactly at the time it’s starts or with 3-5 minutes before it’s kicks off.

• The match streaming usually starts in 1-3 minutes(usually faster).BE PATIENT! Even if there are lags from the beginning then PLEASE wait another few minutes because in most cases the player will adjust himself and the streaming will be SMOOTH. For a good streaming make sure the SopCast’s buffer is at least at 70/100, but 85+ is recommended. BE PATIENT!

• Patience & Endurance IS YOUR FRIEND ^_^

• If you started watching a match and like the quality then DON'T STOP THE CHANNEL! Sometimes the channels can get offline or oversaturated after it’s started, so please try to stick to the channel you already watch if you like it.

• EVERYTHING depends on your Internet Connection/Speed! We HIGHLY recommend you to use a strong Wi-Fi connection. Please don’t blame the app if even after 5 minutes the streaming has lags and it’s not playing properly. Most likely your internet speed is too low to be able to stream.

• Be gentle and appreciate our efforts by rating the app. This motivates us to make it even better with new updates.

• NO ANNOYING pop-up ads or stuff like that. NO Flash Player required.

Here are the matches that will be played on October 1st and 2nd (01.10.13 and 02.10.13) :

Bayer Leverkusen vs Real Sociedad
Shakhtar Donetsk vs Manchester United
Juventus vs Galatasaray
Real Madrid vsFC København
Anderlecht vs Olympiakos
Paris Saint Germain vs Benfica
CSKA Moscow vs Viktoria Plzen
Manchester City vs Bayern Munich
Basel vs Schalke 04
Steaua Bucuresti vs Chelsea
Arsenal vs SSC Napoli
Borussia Dortmund vs Marseille
Zenit Petersburg vs Austria Wien
FC Porto vs Atletico Madrid
Ajax vs AC Milan
Celtic vs Barcelona

★Remember, PATIENCE IS YOUR FRIEND. Please wait 1-3 minutes for the match list to show and another 1-3 minutes for the streaming to start. The player(SopCast) will automatically adjust himself and the streaming will become more smooth and cool, just be patient!

Make sure you download our free app and stream any Champions League and Europa League matches smooth and clean.

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Disclaimer: This app should be considered as a GUIDE only. None of the streaming is made from our servers. We don't host any information on our servers. This app only offers a very organized way to show the matches that will be played in the next few days and if possible to offer live stream links. All the images, channels, logos, team names are copyright of their original owners. No copyright infringement is intended nor applied. If you’re a copyright owner and want us to remove a match from the list then please contact us directly.

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★ 1) The first message when you click on Matches might be 'No Data' . Don't panic! Just click it one more time and the match list will load :)
★ 2) If when you click on a particular match to live stream it and you get the 'Error' message then go back to Settings and choose the Server 2 (Slower). It should work perfectly.
★ Fixed the Error bug ★
★ If the match list is still not loading then try to Change your IP address ★
★ Follow the In-App Instructions ★

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