Photobooth Heart Effect
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Photobooth Heart Effect #1
Photobooth Heart Effect #2
Photobooth Heart Effect #3


Heart Love And Heart shape Fine-tune the image with a cute pattern of heart-shaped app, whether it's heart shape or a letter. Sort photos of heart Your name or your loved one's name. Chic Come to use Sorting various heart images.
Sweetnesswith beautiful and romantic image system with Couple - Art - Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Gift
Heart animated wallpaper is pink heart about valentine heart or swollen heart with pink cheeks and pulsating heart.Do not worry, Funny and Easy to use.sweetheart on heart-shaped appication. We can easily and easily create pictures with our apps. Sort photos by heart and name them. Sort photos of heart Simply select a photo from the album or take a photo and then choose your favorite heart shape or heart shape about Valentine's gift or Sweet Heart fan. Or change the background color as you like.Then save it or share it with your friends or loved ones via Facebook, Line, Instagram ETC ... Free! Download the app Photobooth Heart Effect now and enjoy.

How to use
♥ Download the heart-shaped app when it's done, it can be activated immediately.
♥ choose photo Or choose Froder. Image files in your photo gallery.
♥ Choose your favorite heart sticker Which we have you have selected over 300+ hearts.
♥ Customize as needed. Or if you want to remove it, dip the heart sticker. Then there is a trash can come up to drag it to leave it.
♥ Once decorated, can save images in the photo gallery quickly.
♥ Share on Facebook Line IG Whatsapp WeChat BeeTalk ChatOn Message and Social as you like.

Featured Features:
★ Choose from galleries or photo shoots.
★ Choose your favorite heart sticker with more than 300+ selected.
★ Resize clip art, zoom, and delete at any time.
★ Adjust the color and size of the frame as you like.
★ Change background style or add color as you like.
★ Used as a gift or anniversary.
★ Add unlimited text and stickers.
★ Share photos on Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram

♥ We hope you like this app. Then we will develop the app anyway. Have fun with the heart shape ♥

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