B613 Selfie From The Heart
B613 Selfie From The Heart

B613 Selfie From The Heart

حجم:۱۴.۷ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۰(۱۳۹۶/۱۱/۲۶)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
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This is one of the best photo camera selfie taking application on the store. On live camera, we have provided solution top take photo, so that you can have your selfies in different poses and instantly make photo editor out of it. Lot of stunning frames stickers you can apply to your selfies and easily share them on any social networking platform.

Download B613 Best Photo Editor , Share now and edit your photos like a pro Yourcam Plus – Selfie Cam provides all the best and professional photo editor. tools in one app. Furthermore, our app has the perfect user interface design to simplify the photo editing process for our users. This is really a powerful photo editor app that everyone can use to produce mind-blowing results.

We have included all kind of filters, brightness, different crops, effects, text, re-size, blur, and rotate features.Most of us rarely get the picture we want when we capture images no matter how great our phone camera and contrast. Sometimes they are too dark, too overexposed, blurry, bright, and so on. With selfie yourcam plus – Selfie Cam, you can retouch image that is less than perfect and turn it into professional grade photos with various tools and advanced filters at your disposal.

Not only for editing less than perfect pictures and add cat face, our photo maker app also has fancy photo effects that will make your images look good. You can easily share your pics to show off your skills on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

==Selfie Dog Faces For Snap Pro Features==
❀ Auto Beauty Enhancer - Just click the button and see the difference in the selfies.
❀ Stickers - 4 Catalog 100 new design Coolest collection of stickers available to apply to your images.
❀ Frames - All new and unique frames 30 design we have selected for you.
❀ Filters - All new and unique filters we have selected for you.
❀ HD Resolution - Save high resolution selfies to the gallery.
❀ Share - Easily share your photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Everyday life is more exciting with B613. Have fun creating unique stories with friends, Lots of amazing features and filters you find here in this app, Thank you for use Selfie B613.

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