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نسخه: ۱.۳(۱۳۹۶/۰۹/۲۳)
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Face changer is an app that lets you easily make funny image faces in photos.
Entertain your friends or family by creating funny pics for them.
This is the best time pass application for all those who loves editing the pics.

✸ Here Your can having more variety of stickers for your best face photo.
✸ You can pick a best stickers.
✸ You can also select any one Cutting face

Face Changer Photo Editor :-
✿ Cap
✿ Beard
✿ earnings
✿ Mustache
✿ Eyes
✿ HairStyel
✿ Lips
✿ Mask
✿ Mouth
✿ Tattoo
✿ Tie
✿ Turban
✿ Sunglasses
✿ Ears
✿ Nose

Most Usable Features :

- Easy and smooth application

- Tap to camera or gallery for Boys Photo Editor

- More than 150+ Sticker Available for your Face Changer

- Change the size according to your face shape.

- Mouth and glass: presents, Ears, Nose, mouth Mask,Turban, Tattoo,mustache, beard,Hairstyle

- You can save the photo in your 'Face Changer Photo Editor' in your sd card.

- share your friends with your best photo Face Changer Photo Editor design.

-Share with Facebook, Email, Skype, Instagram. . .

- Amazing Style!

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