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Camera illusion #1
Camera illusion #2
Camera illusion #3
Camera illusion #4


** NEW VERSION 2.0 **Thanks for your support! More than 3 million downloads of the previous version made us work very hard over the past year to present the new version. We hope you enjoy all the new features!
'Camera illusion' is the camera application that lets you process photos in real-time, previewing and taking amazing pictures combining cool effects, filters and masks.
Easy to use for taking funny pictures, but also very powerful for use by professional photographers or artists. We're sure that you'll love it!

If you like this app, you can buy PRO version with more features. Each purchase motivates us to further improve the app and work on new innovative features. Thanks!
----- What's new in 2.0? -----
- New user interface (360º free rotation)
- Improved filter/effect speed
- HD button - full resolution pictures with most filters/effects (PRO version)
- Front camera support (Android 2.3+ required)
- Zoom (if supported)
- New flash modes for HD photos
- Optimized for Tablet
- Adjustable filters/effects (more in next version)
- Color filter (with hue/saturation)
- Blur effect
- Sharp effect (PRO version)
- Glow effect (PRO version)
- Waves effect (PRO version)
- New cool masks (more in PRO version)
- Autoadjustable mask for all preview resolutions
- Store app on SD (Android 2.2+ required)
- Full quality photo viewer for HD photos (PRO version)
- Direct access to the app using the camera button
- Save also original photo
- Use your preferred 'image viewer' app to show the pictures just taken
- Direct button to 'Videocam illusion' (video recorder) and 'Photo illusion' (photo editor)
- Full italian and german translation. Thanks to Michael Leporia and Stefan Bruns

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

2.0.2Fixed black screen bug on front cameraNew Lomo filterImproved camera speedNexus 7 supported

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