Kitty Keyboard
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Kitty Keybord

Kitty Keyboard is a free, customized keyboard for Android with cool fonts, 1200+ emoji, emoji arts, emoticons, personalized themes, auto correct input ,cool sticker ,Fancy Fonts and GIF Stickers & more.

Kitty Keyboard is an fast typing keyboard application, which can be used to customize your keyword with some impeccable keyboard themes, to give it a classy look.

Want to customize your keyboard with some amazing gold keyboard themes? Then Kitty Keyboard is an ideal option to do so.

Kitty Keyboard is now available! We have new themes for Kitty Keyboard and keyboard themes. All our keyboard themes are very well designed and can be used in ALL social communication apps!

[How to Use]

+ Install Gold Keyboard from google play store.
+ Open app and press on enable button & select Kitty Keyboard(US).
+ Press on switch button and select Gold Keyboard from input method.
+ Press on Finish & enjoy the Gold Keyboard app.
Note: You have to Install Kitty keyboard first to use gold keyboard.

Kitty Keyboard Key Features:

✿ 1200+ emoji & emoticons.
✿ 50+ fonts and 30+ Fancy Fonts.
✿ Stylish Keyboard Sticker and Emoji Arts.
✿ Advanced auto correct & auto suggest engine
✿ online and offline themes available.
✿ 30+ Languages and dictionary.
✿ Fully customizable keyboard wallpaper and layout.
✿ 50+ typing sounds.
✿ Integrated emoji & word predictions.
✿ One tap to input nicely crafted emoji compositions
✿ Multiple typing effects.
✿ SWIPE input method.
✿ Clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste.
✿ Multiple Keyboard layout for tablet & mobile device.
✿ Set Your Photo on keyboard background.

A beautiful Kitty Keyboard with amazing features is designed for those who like sending message with GIF, emoticon and emoji. It is a MUST HAVE free android stylish emoji keyboard.

Kitty Keyboard also known as Kitty keyboard Keyboard, photo keyboard, Android keyboard, Gold Keyboard pro, Gold Keyboard 2017 etc.

Enjoyed..Kitty Keyboard For Free...!

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