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AppPack 01 - Photo Editor #1
AppPack 01 - Photo Editor #2
AppPack 01 - Photo Editor #3
AppPack 01 - Photo Editor #4
AppPack 01 - Photo Editor #5


AppPack and ResPack are a series add-on for scenario note taking app ' Handy Note Pro' and ' Notes on Life' app. Handy Note Pro is No.1 of top 100 Free app at Amazon app store in America, German,France, Italy. ★ AndroidAuthority: Almost like a real notebook ★ Gizmodo: One of the 10 Best S Pen Apps for the GALAXY Note II. ★ Applatter: An app for all your note-taking needs! ★ XDA: Awesome Note taking app AppPack 01 -Photo Editor works as an add-on for our application'Notes on Life', 'Handy Note Pro' and 'Handy Album' version 4.5+.
Make minor adjustments or completely transform your picture, with unlimited effects and edits. AppPack 01- Photo editor was made with you in mind, so it's exactly the way you want it to be.
Notes on Life already give you photo effects that aren't offered anywhere else. With this Apppack 01-Photo Editor, we added new effects that will blow your mind, some more of the most popular ones, and powerful new editing tools.
Over dozens effects offered: Vintage, Pop Art, Grunge, Viewfinder, Duo Tone, Sketch, Tilt Shift, Instant, Old Photo, Cross Process, Draw , text and save and undo your picture and many more.
Crop, straighten, rotate, sharpen, red-eye, blemish, brightness to any photo. Fill light, and make temperature adjustments. Tools for exposure, hue, saturation, etc. are included.
How to use AppPack 01-Photo Editor?
AppPack 01-Photo Editor is an enhance function app package for 'Notes on Life Pro', 'Handy Note Pro' and 'Handy Album' version 4.5 and up. Prior of installation, Please update the latest version to compatible with AppPack 01-Photo editor.
Inside Notes on Life, when you choose a photo, in photo tool bar, you will see a photo editor icon which is the entry point of AppPack 01 – Photo Editor.
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AppPack 02 - PIM (Personal Information Manager) is an enhance functional app for Notes on Life. PIM allows you to link event and contact list to Notes on Life app. It provides convenient and easy access to personal information.
★All add-on from us★
AppPack 01 - Photo editor: An enhanced photo editing and effects function app
AppPack 02 - PIM:Personal Information Manager
AppPack 03- Chart :Bar chart ,line chart,pie chart
AppPack 04-List Set : Check list, home budget, shopping list with calculation functions
AppPack 05-Budget:Better money management by tracking income and expense
ResPack 01 - Free Notebook:number log, contact list integration and a pile of classical paper-like pages templates.
ResPack 02 - Free Photo Book :Over 20 beautify free photo frames
ResPack 03 - Free Diary:20 pages of diary templates for different style and purpose
ResPack 04 - Christmas Album:A dozen of elegant, festive frames features traditional Christmas backgrounds and decorative figure
ResPack 05 - Christmas:A series of templates for special use of New Year & Christmas
ResPack 06 - Healthy Life: 30 logs & checklists for purpose of diet, meal planner, workout & exercise, smoking control and etc
ResPack 07 - Covers: 32 covers for notebooks and 8 for folders.
ResPack 08 - Kids Album: Cute designs, animals and fairy tales, keep the sweetest moment of children.
ResPack 09 - Kids Birthday: Filled with Photos of everything the birthday girl or boy likes
ResPack 10 - Romantic Album: Happy Valentine's Day EVERDAY!
ResPack 11- SYMBOLS: 200 high quality, well-designed symbols & icons
ResPack12-Party Time: Frame your happy time forever with party theme album.
ResPack 13- Family Budget: notes on exactly what family spending and earning
ResPack 15-Christmas Budget: holiday checklist & budget
Find add-on by searching “ ResPack” “AppPack”or “Appbody in Google Play

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