Squishy toys: stress ball
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Squishy toys - squish slimey anti stress ball, relax from cruel world and angry people! Tap slimy antistress ball toy - slimey stress reliever! Slimy antistress ball toy - tap and squish slimey anti stres balls. Slimy anti stres toy will help you to relief stres and to calm nerve. Slimy bright toys for your nerve!

Slimey antistress toys - take a break from cruel world and angry people. Be calm, enjoy anti stres squishy balls, squish and have fun! How to deal with stress? Don’t say “im bored” - pass the time enjoying mind relax tap button. Relax your mind with a relaxation tool - time pass quickly, meet reduced stres and deep calm! Feeling too bored and exhausted? Just tap the ball to calm down and relieve anxiety. Anti-stress balls - your slimey antistress reliever. Squish slimy toys balls, relax and feel deep relaxation!

Choose one ball – there is liquid simulation in it. There won’t be slimey exploding balls – just trippy cool items and squishy toys. For greater effect you can turn on some anti-stress music. We hope our anti aniety app will fascinate and satisfy you, if you’re feeling bored or distracted! Don’t let your anxiety engross – we’ll try to divert you! Enjoy brain relaxation and calm mind. Try distraction free app for concentrating. This app is not boring – there is a crazy narwhal waiting for you. Funny antistress reliever for your mind and nerves. Calm your mind with a squishy antistress toy. Relax with a narwhal while listening relaxation music and enjoying bright colors for deep relax.

Calm your nervous system if tired, bothered or exhausted – or maybe crusty, or feel anger or wrath – stress relieving and calming down. Tap on the screen to release stress and anxiety. Cheering and reducing stres app will help you! Tap the ball stress releaser – say no to stres, squeeze the ball, calm down, feel comfort and relaxation. If you feel bored, don’t worry – dizzy narwhal will appear to cheer you up and to fascinate you. This dizzy narwal is your personal anxiety reliever, pass the time with him!

Note: this is an antistress balls simulator. We do not guarantee anxiety reduction, pleasure or tension headache ease and relieve. If you’re dealing with panic disorder or dealing with anxiety or agoraphobia, you should contact a therapist to end anxiety. Relaxation therapy and activity, anxiety management techniques or cognitive therapy games might be helpful. Find your own antistress technique!

Squeeze compressed ball and use calming app for fun. Don’t spoil your mood – tap squeezing balls lightly, calm down, enjoy comfort. Do you feel relaxed? We hope you’ll find this relax app and stres reliever satisfying!

App features:
- Stress relief games
- Stress reliever squeezing ball game
- Calm nerve relief games
- Bright toys simulator
- Tap antistress toy squishy balls
- Squishy stres reliever
- Squish and tap bright slimey balls – reliever
- Anti anxiety & stres reduction simulator
- Adult stress reliever
- Anxiety relief games
- Pass time games
- Soothing games
- Crazy narwhal dancing

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