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Service Tax Act India #1
Service Tax Act India #2
Service Tax Act India #3
Service Tax Act India #4


Service tax is a part of Central Excise in India. It is a tax levied on services provided in India, except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The responsibility of collecting the tax lies with the Central Board of Excise and Customs(CBEC).
Check out all provisions of the Service Tax Act using this app.

It provides the full text of the Act in an easily readable and searchable format for your Android phone / tablet.

- The full text of the Service Tax Act
- Table of contents to quickly find sections of interest
- Search within each section with full text search to home in on matter of your choice
- Navigate pages of the code by swiping a finger
- No network connection required, after initial install is done. We recommend you use your WiFi connection for initial download to lower the cost.
- Very efficient – runs fast, and uses little memory
* To see all sections (table of contents) of the Service Tax Act, do not enter any search term and hit the search key. This provides you with complete list of chapters like a TABLE OF CONTENTS.
The list of contents chapter-wise comes up by default when you start the application.
To see list of contents chapter-wise, press the search key with no search text.
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