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Art of Wars

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Last update9/29/2018
Art of Wars: Generals Command and Conquer RTS lets you enjoy the real experience of clan battles with players all over the world. Keep focus on level up strategy build defensive clans and attack to defeat your enemy forces.

Art of Wars: Generals Command and Conquer RTS is one of the best real time strategy multiplayer games that will allow you to compete with other players. Play orc battles likes other clans games in online multiplayer mode with opponent from all around the world. This war game will allow you to build power plants, heavy factories and resource mines to attack through missiles, jet fighters and spread mines to defeat your rivals. You are welcome to experience Art of Wars: General Command and Conquer RTS game with township defense, build weapons factories, defensive towers, real time strategy and much more. Being at the top rank in the chain of command, organize your army enter into fire of war to show your rivals the real power of your clan and clash your opponents. You are the real general commander, believe in you and fight for your people and conquer enemies. Get crystals to unlock Special Forces to attack on enemies on war board by using real time strategy to become your rivals down.

Become ultimate war general and organize military strategy in dice wars. Forget all other RTS games, farms game or any other clash game, Install this epic multiplayer real time strategy game and get the adventure of leading your army in the war board. Like other clash games Art of Wars: Generals Command and Conquer RTS is a multiplayer strategy game with fun and innovative twists on the genre. Generals command and conquer game lets you enjoy fight with your friends or join a guild, and clash with other players from all over the world. Dice wars board game allow you to clans battle against different players from different countries.

Art of Wars: Generals Command and Conquer RTS Key Features:

Build Production Units for parachutes, weapons, missiles and jet fighters
Build defensive buildings and towers to protect your clan from enemies
Multiplayer mode allow you to play different players all around the world
Rise to rank and complete missions by using commanding skills
Fight for yourself and fight for your people
Use Special Forces and clash on rival clans
Use Bunkers, Anti Aircrafts, Anti Tanks, Watch Towers, Missiles
Online chat with opponent players and own clan members

Download Now Free! Art of Wars: Generals Command and Conquer RTS Game and step into modern era wars to lead your army. You are the only hope for your clan who can defeat rival clans in this orc strategy modern era wars.

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