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Photo Video Editor
Slideshow Maker

Audio Cutter, Audio Merger, Video Cutter, Video Trim, Video Merger, Video Editor.

Audio MP3 Cutter is a smart video editor that creates ringtones and audio files from MP3 Audio files.

Features of Audio trimmer:

- Preview and play all the output file before saving.
- View a waveform representation of the audio file at one place.
- Set start & end for the audio clip.
- When you tap anywhere on the seek bar & the built-in Music player starts playing at that position.
- You can share your audio files

You can make slideshow with this app.
- Select Image Editor
- Click on Slideshow Maker Button
- Select Images and click on next Button
- Select Music of your choice and adjust seconds per image/frame.
- Click on save button.

- Easy to operate.

Audio MP3 Merger is a smart editor that joins two audio files from multiple MP3 Audio files.

Features of Audio Merger:

- Select the audio files that you want to merge.
- Confirm the audio files and press the merge button to save the audio file.
- You can share your audio files

Video Cutter / Video Trimmer.

You can cut all your videos very simply and easily.
You simply need to select the starting and ending point of the video and out video cutter will save the output clip.
All videos will be accessible from your video library

Video merger allows you to merge your favorite video(s)

- You can select any number of videos from your phone amd merge video together.
- For best results use only camera captured video(s) with same frame
rate,same frame size and same audio rate.
- Share the merged video(s) on Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

**This app uses FFMPEG for the encoding process

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