Baby Photo Montage
حجم:۲۲.۷ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۸(۱۳۹۷/۰۵/۲۱)
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Baby Photo Montage #1
Baby Photo Montage #2
Baby Photo Montage #3
Baby Photo Montage #4
Baby Photo Montage #5
Baby Photo Montage #6
Baby Photo Montage #7
Baby Photo Montage #8


Download Baby Photo Montage app and make new baby look. Choose suit you like the most, and take a photo of your baby by camera. You can make incredible photo montages with baby photo suits, using best photo editor. Adjust faces of your baby in variety of super funny suit frames. Make your baby has funny costume of some farm animal. Edit photo and suit it in some scary baby Halloween photo frame. Make your baby picture unforgettable. Montage photos, add cool photo effects and create a great souvenir.
There are many beautiful baby costumes and photo frames in this app. So if you use imagination, with these photo montages app you can make a great art work. Beautify your baby photos, in photo suit specially designed for them. Your child can look as cat, dog, lion, tiger or ladybug. Also your baby can become a pirate in just few seconds, or chinese girl with kimono, as well as police officer,etc. Everything is possible with this latest photo montage application. Costume photo editor free guarantees you a lot of photo fun and cool photo effects that will help you create amazing photo montages. Select photo montage you like the most, then choose image from photo gallery, or take a new one by camera, and start with photo editing. There are plenty of costumes suitable for babies, such as princess baby photo suit, baby farm animal or wild animal photo frame suits, like lion, tiger, big cat, then baby boy fashion photo suit, etc. There are variety of cute and funny costume photo frames for babies. Choose photo frame you like the most and capture your favorite photos. Edit photos, add best photo effects, montage picture and show to everyone your art talent. Play fashion designer, suit photos and montage them in best costume photo frames for free.
Makeup photos in best way using these best photo montage frame editors. Set a baby photo as wallpapers, and share with friends. Try out all the fancy dresses and costumes for any event and have a photo fun for hours.
** take a photo or select from image gallery
** choose Photo Montage frame you like the most
** montage your photo on frame you like the most
** edit photo, rotate, resize
** save model and share with friends

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