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Last update4/13/2019
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Type Application
Category Productivity
Developer Lockify
Lockify is a versatile lock

Lockify is a versatile lock for your smartphone that fixes all your needs from the security of your phone and can safely hide or lock your files. In making this app, we tried to keep all the security tips in place to lock out a simple file, lock the screen together, and manage your important files with a simple and easy interface.
Features Lockify:
👇 Equipped with the possibility to unlock with a fingerprint
Can restore password with security question
❌ Possibility of uninstalling the lock software for a much higher level of security of your files
〽️ Option to select the pattern lock, pin code, letters, fingerprint , and letter and number
🔐 Lock the apps you selected
🔐 Lock your selected photos
🔐 Lock your selected videos
🔐 Lock your music and podcasts
🔐 Lock your selected files, such as PDF and Word, and more.
After installing this software, you can easily listen to anyone and without hiding it you hide your file. Encrypt your private applications and no one except you can unlock this
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