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Decor Bell was launched, so please download it !

Do you want to download the latest buzzwords/Charactoer Voices/BGM as your phone ringtone, text ringtone and kakaotalk bell ?
Listen to the latest buzzwords/애니어/BGM and save them conveniently as your phone's ringtone/alarm/notification sound!. Anyone who downloads this application will receive the ringtone and texttone for free!

You can easliy change your phone's ringtone and ringback to anything you wants anywhere and anytime !

Please reset your phone when you change into the kakaotalk bell or text tone.
The setup process will be a little different, so make sure to the proper setup to match your phone.


- Here are all kinds of famous BGM!
We have everything from 둘리 to gag, so you can change these into your ringtone/texttone/Kakao Talk bell.

2. Character Sound or Voice(?)
Everything from 보노보노‘s cute voice to 짱구’s baby voice, save it as your ringtone/texttone/Kakao Talk bell.
So cute ~!

3. Buzzword
Apply the movie or drama dialogues as your phone's ringtone/texttone/Kakao Talk bell.

[Dealing with Faulty Download]

1. When you can not connect to Wi-Fi, please change your location and retry connect.
2. If your phone does not have enough capacity, the download might not work.
Simply delete any unneeded applications or files.

3. The last version of the Android OS apps before Froyo(2.), applications was stored in the internal memory. Therefore, if your internal memory does not have enough capacity, the application will not be installed. Please check your remaining capacity and try to download.
(Because all the applications from Froyo(2.2) version are stored in the external memory, please check the remaining capacity.

4. When you are using the Wi-Fi power save mode during downloading applications, you might lose the Wi-fi connection. So the download may fail. After changing the mode from the power save, please try to download again.

5. When experiencing other difficulties, switch your phone off and on, and try the dowanload again.

[Warning] SD card in needed in order to use the alarm save function. Saved alarms will not go off when connected to a USB cable.

-Your feedback on application errors by e-mail will be a great help to us.

-Send any other BGM/Character Voices/buzzwords/ that you would like to receive, please let us know through an e-mail.

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Ringtone Heaven Design / Function Upgraded Version Launched

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