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Fast motion Videos Maker is an App that lets you watch your favorite videos in Fast motion. You can modify yourself the playback speed of videos. Download the all new Fast Video Maker to create super-fast videos from your normal videos. Spend a fun time with friends by showing video in Fast motion. Create your own video maker with your required speed. Adjust Speed of video by setting up the factors given. Fast Video Maker allows you to share your videos to any app on your mobile device! Now it is quick and easy to share your newly converted videos for sharing.

How to make it Faster
♦ Simply pick any video you want to make faster
♦ Set the starting and Ending points to cut (if you want)
♦ Set speed of your video using slider
♦ Save it and you are done with fast video
♦ View, share or delete your video directly from app

Top Features
♦ Superior Video Quality
♦ One of the fastest video converters
♦ You can access converted videos within the app itself
♦ Available more factors to gain more speed
♦ Converted video will be saved separately keeping the original video unchanged
♦ Easy to use interface UI
♦ Convert without losing video quality
♦ Suitable for mobile videos
♦ Supports major available Formats
♦ Delete or Share Video Directly from the list
♦ HD playback your video files
♦ Powerful Fast motion video converter

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