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Photo Pencil Sketch app brings to you an awesome collection of cartoon sketch and pencil sketch effects Photo Pencil : Photo Sketch app gives your pics an effect of artist by creating Pencil Sketch and Color Sketch of your photo.
Blend art with pictures. Create artistic pencil sketch and color sketch image of any of your photo.
Simply take a new picture with your camera or pick a photo from Gallery and create a neat and wonderful photo pencil sketch. You can also choose between black and white photo sketch or color photo sketch.
Make a wonderful portrait of your kid enjoying at beach or your loved pet at home.
Take a funny pic and convert it into a pencil sketch or color sketch and flaunt it at your favorite social networking site.
Here are some features of Photo Sketch App
Photo Sketch Pencil Sketch – The core part of this app is making Photo Sketch. Photo Pencil Sketch app brings to you an awesome collection of cartoon sketch, pencil sketch & many more awesome effects.
Photo Collages – With this app you can create amazing collages using photo, background, background color, photo frames, stickers & text editor. With Photo Collage tool, you can create a multi photo collage, where you can put a number of images of your selection of different shapes and at different angle of your choice, and then just add a beautiful background pattern from the app and an amazing looking border frame to add some style to it.
Image Editing - With this app you can edit the imported photo (from gallery or camera) and rotate, crop, zoom or move it until you're happy with it. The original photo won't be affected at all, this is a duplicate.
Share - Once you have created your photo sketch or photo collage you can share it with your friends, social media & also you can take print of photo & get framed.
Enjoy the master piece created by this photo sketch app, and add fun to your photo's.
Our goal is to help users have an enjoyable experience when using our apps & games. It would be great if you download & use our app Photo Sketch : Photo Editor and write a review based on your experience with it.
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