Blue Whale Zipper Lock

Blue Whale Zipper Lock

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We specially introduce 'BLUE WHEAL ZIPPER LOCK ' is a new wonderful, very amazing, intersting and Stylish Zipper Lock Screen application for you. There is a brand new simple beautiful Blue Whale Fish Zipper Lock Screen software on the app market for all fans of adventures who loves underwater animal. Blue Whale is a biggest animal who lives in deep underwater of big sea. Your search for the best oceanic animal zipper lock screen is over, you found Fantastic Whale Zipper Lock Screen and every other lock screen app is unnecessary. We have develop this Whale Shark Zipper Lock Screen is technically advanced but simple to use and easy to understand android application especially for you. This is a great opportunity to your mobile phone home screen lock decorate beautiful crazy whale with zip, But here is one of the secure and most efficient screen lock. It has beautiful impressive HD graphics and lock app for every android device are guaranteed with Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen. This app is decorating the android home screen. Try this new app and experience this effect on your phone with Best lock screen wallpaper.
Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen is one of the latest new application to lock your mobile using a zip with beautiful HD Blue Whale background images. Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen app is a best screen lock free app that could help you to lock and unlock your phone screen by beautiful zip. Pull the zipper to the end of your screen to unlock the phone. One of the best things about Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen is that the missed calls and received messages displays on the screen and also, you can answer to the any call without unlocking the device. Cool zipper lock screen application is waiting for you to install it, so don’t wait any longer and download the newest Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen as soon as possible and just press the button and prepare yourself for the best lock screen app. Amazing Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen is a free android application available on google play store for every one and share your best experience with your friends and family.
NOTE. This Blue Whale Zipper Lock Screen is not for android device security, it is only zipper lock to beautify your Smart Phone Screen....Give us best rating and review if you like this app and share to your friends.
** Features **
- Battery Status, Date / Time and missed calls and recieved messages are shown on the mobile home screen.
- Easy and simple to unlock your mobile phone with zip.
- HD Graphics with beautiful wallpaper showing a cute Blue Whale.
- Safe and secure, Easy to Enable / Disable the lock from settings menu.
- No pin like (password) is required to unlock, compatible with almost every smartphone and tablet.
- No need to connect the internet
** How to use Cat Zipper lock Screen **
- Install and open the zipperlockscreen
- Enable Cat Zipper lock Screen
- It's working very smoothly.
- When screen is locked drag the zip hook from top to down to unlock
- The lock screen opens with the nice animation.
- You will like popular zipper lock screen application. Enjoy the best and free android zipper lock screen.

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