Private Gallery - Hide Photos
Private Gallery - Hide Photos

Private Gallery - Hide Photos

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Hide your private photos and videos in this password protected vault for Free!

★ Hide photos and videos.

★ PIN protected vault.

★ Free cloud backup.

Now with Cloud Backup, once subscribed, the app uploads your photos and videos to your private online account, so you can recover them even if your phone is damaged or stolen.

Wondering how to hide and protect your private videos and photos from others? This is the app you want.

With Private Gallery, you can shoot your photos or take videos with in the app or import them from your phone's Gallery. Those private photos and videos are hidden from the Android Gallery and encrypted with strong keys in our secure folder, so only you can see them with your password. Private Gallery protects your private pictures even when your phone is stolen or your Google account has been compromised.

Private Gallery protects your privacy against all possible scenarios, while you want to keep your photos personal, you still can export the encrypted photos to share with your friends.


* Take photos/videos or import them from Android Gallery.
* Cloud Backup keeps your files secure.
* Built-in gallery to view your photos and videos.
* Decrypt and export your files.

How to use Private Gallery

1. When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to create a password. This password will be used to lock your personal photos.
2. Touch the camera button to start shooting or import pictures from your regular gallery app, your private videos and pictures will be saved safely in your vault.
3. Press the gallery button to open your vault and browse.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

* Added album management, create albums, rename albums and move photos between albums.

* You can now import multiple photo and video files at once.

* Cloud Backup: Backs up your private photos to the secure cloud server, protects them against theft or phone damage.

   دسترسی های نرم افزار

  • دوربین
  • نوشتن بر روی حافظه گوشی
  • خواندن وضعیت روشن/خاموش بودن wifi
  • دیدن وضعیت شبکه
  • اینترنت
  • دریافت حساب‌های کاربری دستگاه
  • دسترسی به احراز هویت دستگاه