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Bosch DVR Viewer #1
Bosch DVR Viewer #2


The 'Bosch DVR viewer' allows you to watch video or still images from cameras connected to Bosch Video Recorder 400 and 600 Series using your Android OS, smart phones (no tablets).
This free Bosch DVR Viewer lets you watch video in your home, office or business, from anywhere in the world. You can even control focus, pan, tilt and zoom on a selected PTZ camera.
Combined with our state-of-the-art DVR and camera solutions, this app helps you secure people and premises regardless of your location. The Bosch DVR Viewer gives you peace of mind, wherever you go.

-Easily view live video feeds from any camera
-Full screen live video mode
-Optional startup password for access protection to your personal DVR networks
-Take snapshots at any time. Snapshots are saved on the smart phone.
-Several pan, tilt, zoom control options for PTZ cameras
-No firmware upgrade required on the DVR
New in this release:
-Automatic sequence of all connected cameras

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Bosch DVR Viewer
Version: v1.0.3
Additional features in this release:
-Automatic sequence of all connected cameras
-Auxiliary commands support for Bosch PTZ cameras
-Sound support for audio sources connected to DVR
-Security update for WAN networks

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