Holy Quran (2017)
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Virtues of reading the Quran

Ensuring the happiness of mankind, the Qur'an is eternal divine law in the life of this world and the hereafter. His communications guidance, mercy and happiness in a statement that he is the source said.

Anyone who wants to reach out to these two world happy, day and night to be able to communicate with the Qur'an and retain it in. Peymanını update their solemn covenant with him every day to be pet. Strengthen its relationship with the Qur'an and the transfer of his mind, throwing the Koran all the work they carry out the steps and throw the Quran.

The recitation of the Holy Quran and Hadith narrated by virtue of them was transported to. We are pleased to present just a few of them here.
Imam Baqir (as) in the hadith narrated from the Prophet (s) said about the virtue of the recitation of the Koran: 'Those who read the Koran verse on every night, in the dark and are not considered to be those who have forgotten God, always remembering God handed down the name of the person who read the verse articles as hundreds of worshipers reciting verse, the verse reads two hundred and sincerity of heart and humility of those who worship in the doors, three hundred and reciting verses from the prosperous, five hundred verse reads (apocalyptic) like those who worship recognized in this way in a hurry. Thousands of those who had read the verse as though God has given to charity are countless gold and silver. '(Form-sufficient,' the virtue of the Qur'an).

Imam Sadiq (AS) has been narrated from the hadith says: 'The happiness and the happiness of mankind, the Qur'an, which is the law of life. This set of laws designed by God and placed them with the most perfect way. A true Muslim, one who, with a focus on the program of this life every day to be read at least fifty verses. '(Form-sufficient,' the virtue of the Qur'an).

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