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Cartoon Photo Maker is one of the most effective cartoon maker and creator application with this you can apply artistic effects to your photos.It is a simple to use cartoon creator app.With only one button click you can convert your photos into cartoon photo,sketch or drawing pictures.Just select an existing photo or snap a quick picture and make them to look like cartoon pictures.
Different effetcs:
Pencil sketch

- Apply effects to the images in your gallery
- Use back and front cameras of your phone
- You can choose from many impressive effects
- Save the cartoon images
-Take photo quickly by a single click of a button
Cartoon Photo Maker is an ultimate easy to use cartoon generator and creator app with many artistic cartoon filters this powerful cartoon creator photo editor app will let you produce pencil sketch ,drawing and cartoon images of yourself.This powerful cartoon picture app and photo editor will help you to record precious moments of your life in cool art.
Cartoon Photo Generator and pictures editor provides simple design with this you will forget those old styles dull photo editor and traditional filters and effects.Its amazing to own such a powerful cartoon photo generator pictures editor which can convert your pictures in cartoon photo in just one minute with a single click.Wanna create your photo gallery a collection of beautiful cartoon and artistic effects artwork then this awesome Cartoon Generator and Picture Editor app is here for you.
Share your Cartoon Pictures to Instagram,Facebook ,Twitter and more!.
With Cartoon Photo Maker Cool art Generator you will gain not only the cartoon images with cool effects & filters but also artistic pictures with different pencil and art effects.Once you cartoonify yourself then you can share your cartoonify pictures with your friends on social media platforms like facebook,whatsapp,instagram etc.

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Crash on Startup is fixed.

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