Photo Collage Maker - Insta Square - Fontmania

Photo Collage Maker - Insta Square - Fontmania

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Just select several pictures, Photo Collage Maker & Editor instantly remix the8m into cool photo collage. You can pick layout you like best, edit collage with filter, sticker, text and much more.

Picture Collage has many facilities like 3d collage maker , Picture Collage frames , Scrapbook maker , Awesome collage layout Text Collage , Unique Collage , Insta Square etc.

Airbrush Collage Photo Maker

Collage photo maker for photo and photography funs. Collage Photo Maker includes the best features for amazing photo collages of your pictures. Collage Maker helps you combine photos in a grid. Make your photo collages using hundreds stickers, animated filters, grids, layouts and discover photo frames for the best pic collages.

Text Photo Collage Maker

Create Text Collages with your photos. Your Photos appears in words creating Picture in Picture Effects and creating word collages for your pictures. Text photo collages lets you add stickers over photos, Text to your collages and more feature to create a solid Photo Collages made of word collages.

3d photo collage maker

With 3D Collage Maker, you can combine ordinary photos into fabulous & amazing photo collages.
The 3d collage option enables us, to create photo collages, with some stunning 3d effects.
This Collage Maker 3D app is a very powerful photo collage editor too because of the variety of photo editing options it offers.

Unique Photo Collage

Unique Photo Collage Maker is that the best Pic Editor Collage Maker and photo editor that helps you mix multiple photos with varied frame patterns and photo grids, then share them at a time! This app gives multiple stunning effects to apply your photo.

Scrapbook Collage Maker

Scrapbook is powerful photo editor app for you. It is best photo Scrapbook that helps you to collage your photos with various scrapbook layouts.
With scrapbook you can explain your unforgettable moments with your friends, Also you can write a story with the photo using a powerful text editor.

Insta Square Size Editor

The Insta Square is an amazing photo editing app which let you share any image on social network without cropping.
You can create beautiful images with nice blurred background, color background or textured background.


-Simple UI with great features.
-BLUR EFFECT: Amazing background blur effect to make attention on your picture.
-BACKGROUND: Add over 30 pattern backgrounds or use an unlimited choice of
background colors.
-FILTERS: We have high quality filters so your picture will truly stand out from the rest!
-TEXT: Fully featured text editor to add text to your pictures.
-STICKERS: beautiful stickers and text stickers to decorate your picture.
-Amazing image adjustment features to adjust image according to you.
-Add border of any color to your image.
-Excellent choice to edit your photos and post them on your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp.

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