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Colour Changer Photo Editor #1
Colour Changer Photo Editor #2


Experience the quality of Paid App for Free. Colorize your photos and generate high quality images using Colour Changer Photo Editor. Colour Changer Photo Editor is fully integrated to social networks like Facebook and twitter.
You can apply 30+ awesome Photo effects also.Colour Changer Photo Editor Features:
1. Colorize ,pick the color you like and paint your photos.
2. Photo Effects support is there.
3. Get the images from your Facebook Album, Facebook Profile Photo, Photo Album, and Camera
4. Upload your work to Twitpic, Facebook Albums, Phone Album and Email.
5. Undo the changes.
6. Zoom In, Zoom Out and Pan using your two fingers, make your life easy to work to details of the image
7. And it is free
Image Selection Choices
1. Facebook Profile photo
2. Facebook Album photos
3. Device Album
4. Camera
Upload Support
1. Facebook Albums
2. Twitpic
3. Email
4. Device Album
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