Write Name On Pics

Write Name On Pics

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Write Name on Pics

Generate cool pics with your favorite name with My Name Pics tool. You can choose pics from a wide range of templates. With cool fonts and designs. Now Greet your friends with cards with your and their names.

Wish someone with some cool and beautiful pics and your name on their pic, Download My name pic App now. Create your own card and send it to your loved ones.

+ Start Application
+ Crate Beautiful card from various themes
+ Insert your name to it and save it
+ Share with friends

Name Design Features:

+ High quality card images with message
+ Useful for everyone
+ Attractive decoration materials
+ Available free to all
+ Awesome for greeting cards
+ Write your name on that selected card pic
+ Add Categories such as Alphabets, Anniversary, Anniversary Cakes, Attitude, Beach, Birthday Cake, Couple, Day Wishes, Doll, Friendship, Get Well soon, Good morning, Good night pics.
+ All the category contains 15+ Pics with HD pics.
+ Download Favorited pics and write name on that pics.
+ Add font facility with font style as well as font color choose by user.
+ Add Font Size facility so that user can re size font according to used.
+ Name on Pics image you can set as wallpaper.
+ Online image loading process makes faster.

Name on Pics provide online category such as :

+ Name on Alphabets Pics,
+ Name on Anniversary Pics,
+ Name on Anniversary Cakes Pics,
+ Name on Attitude Pics,
+ Name on Beach Pics,
+ Name on Birthday Cake Pics,
+ Name on Couple Pics,
+ Name on Day Wishes Pics,
+ Name on Doll Pics,
+ Name on Friendship Pics,
+ Name on Get Well Soon Pics,
+ Name on Good Morning Pics,
+ Name on Good Night pics.

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