Cyber Sport News

Cyber Sport News

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Cyber Sport News gathers news from popular cyber sports resources: GameSpot.com, Dot Esports, Cybersport.com, eSports.com, Esports Insider and many others.

Learn all about competitions, teams and cyber sports around the world in one application

With Cyber ​​Sport News you will receive all the important news on the main сyber sports disciplines:

- Dota 2
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
- League of Legends
- Overwatch
- Hearthstone
- Call of Duty (CoD)
- StarCraft II
- Heroes of the Storm
- Paladins
- Vainglory
- Mortal Kombat X
- Halo 5
- Project CARS
- World of Tanks and others,

including announcements, results and statistics of major tournaments (LCS, LPL, IEM, ESL Pro League, Valve Majors, GSL, The International, etc.), links to video and broadcasts, interviews with teams and players, transfers, reviews of new video games and reports from gamers’ events.

All the news is manually selected.

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