Updates for Google Allo
حجم:۴.۵ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۰(۱۳۹۵/۰۷/۲۵)
Updates for Google Allo #1
Updates for Google Allo #2
Updates for Google Allo #3
Updates for Google Allo #4
Updates for Google Allo #5


Note: This is NOT your average 'Guide' app with totally unusable UI full of ads. We only have a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen.
An unofficial guide to use Google Allo. Tips, Tricks, Easter Eggs, Updates and more.
• Keeps track of Allo updates and notifies when update is available.
• Complete set of tips to use Allo, with images.
• Share tips and tricks.
• Dynamically updated content.
The content of this app is regularly updated with new tips and tricks. Feel free to send any tip/trick through the option in the app. Please send feedback to dayandnightapps@gmail.com .
Permissions: INTERNET to get tips and related data from server and notifications, FILES/STORAGE to store image while sharing.
Google Allo, Google name and the app logos are the trademarks of Google Inc., we do not claim ownership of any of these names and logos.
Keywords: Google Allo, Allo, Guides, Guide for Allo, Allo easter eggs, Allo tips, Allo tricks

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