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Want to extract audio from video ?
•Here is the solution:.
•Easily extract audio from any video files . Extract high quality songs/Audio using this powerful mp4 to mp3 converter . Make ringtone from your favorite song using Mp3 cutter and video cutter.
•Best working video to audio converter.
•It is used for Converting video into audio.
•Best working feature of Video to Mp3 converter.

** Features **

◘ Simple user interface
◘ Fast video conversion
◘ Fast video cutter for cutting video files easily .
◘ One tap to play music files .
◘ Video player to play video after video cutting.
◘ Supports editing meta information .
◘ Support to edit music title,mp3 description, mp3 image, mp3 artist name etc.
◘ Easy Video Gallery to select your video directly and fast way.
◘ Best Video to Mp3 Converter.
◘ background real-time notification on complete convert so you can do your work with leave app and video to mp3 converter notify you after your mp3/music file is ready .
◘ Setting to set your mp3 path to store. you can store your music/mp3 in sdcard/internal storage or in any folder you want .
◘ Supports Video formats including wmv , MP4 , 3gp , flv , avi etc.
◘ Best Video converter for Android.
◘ Simple and advanced mode MP3 Conversion for advanced users to manipulate author,singer name,composer,website etc.
◘ Fast Video cutter for cutting video files easily so need to download any other video cutter or mp3 cutter.
◘ Trim video/Convert MP3 files in your device.
◘ Convert to MP3 from video with selected time intervals as you like and save in phone with HD Quality
◘ It supports almost video formats to convert in mp3.
◘ Best working output use in video to mp3 converter.
◘ mp4 converter,From Mp4 to Mp3.Download video using video downloader and extract audio from it.
◘ useful for video editor and remove all unused video file and make only audio from it.
◘ Select a video from phones gallery using this video to Mp3 converter.
◘ Resize video to mp3 and much more format.
◘ Add photo in mp3.
◘ The extracted audio can be used as, a phone ringtone, using this video to Audio.
◘ This video to Mp4 to Mp3 supports all video formats.

How to use:
Step 1: Select
Search any Video song file to convert into mp3 or Audio file.
Step 2: Edit,set range.
Now, touch and drag markers to set proper timing of song and trim video with love part. Press the play button to preview the selected video before saving it.Cut Music.Focus music and Filter it with Music separator.
set your mp3 photo from gallery,choose name, Composer name, Artist name , attack email and description if you want to add.
Step 3: Save

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