PIP Collage Maker
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PIP Collage Maker is for you to combine ordinary photos into worth-share photo collages and making photo more beautiful.

PIP Collage Maker lets you combine ordinary photos into worth-share photo collages.

With this Photo Collage maker you will get lots of frames grid which includes 1, 2, 3, 4 combinations of photo collage.

• Pip Collage Maker – This is most advanced photo grid maker app too. Multiple grids and layouts we have given for you. Help make your artistic fun collage now.

This Collage Maker 3D app is a very powerful photo collage editor too because of the variety of photo editing options it offers.

PIP Collage Maker has beautiful design with fun pip poster frames, collage maker and powerful photo editor with creative PIP mode easily making your photo more stunning than other photo frames.

PIP Collage Maker is best photo layout is the newest and most fun App for making creative Pic-in-Pic mode collages.

PIP Poster Collage maker is the best combination of PIP and Poster collage makers in one app. Add extra fun by adding creative frames and collage layouts to your photos.

⚫ Collage Maker online is great app includes beautiful photo filters with beard mustache hair changer with pic mix to mix up two photos.

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⚫ Features
• Adjust your pic color, select effects, photo frames, sticker
• Curves interface and manage the Ration
• Painting Art Effect powerful tools
• Applay text, images or shapes
• Easy to zoom in zoom out ,rotation, crop or resize of photos
• Use photos from your gallery and camera and Sdcard
• Select PIP templates with one PIP, two PIP, three PIP or four PIP.
• Adjust photos inside PIP in any direction.
• Change PIP templates instantly on editor screen.
• Add backgrounds or choose your custom.
• Mirror the PIP at anytime.
• Textures and photo frames .
• Snappy Stickers and emoji's to add expressions to your photo.
• Pic Mix is a great app to mix out your images and share it on Instagram instantly.
• Create PIP effect
• Blur automatically for background photo
• More than 20 collage frames. Collage your photos with awesome grid layouts and frames
• Build in a fast and beautiful camera

⚫ Pip Photo
• Lot Of Pip Photo Collection Are Available With Easy User interface
with may diffrent type of border combine and easy gestures tuoch
pip with its template blur background multiple choice Support...

⚫Collage Photo Maker
• Dear User Our App support Maximum 15 number of Photo With Single Click,
Photo Grid & Photo Collage Maker are Grid Formate Are Amazing to use,
Select 1 to 15 photo at a time in Single Srceen.

PIP Collage Maker Photo Editor Free also known as PIP Collage Maker editor, PIP Collage Maker , PIP Collage Maker Effects, PIP Collage Maker Selfie Photo.

⚫ Pip Camera Key Features
• Import photos from gallery or take from camera.
• Blur background of icon & set photo in several frame.
capture in Camera mode.
• Numbers photo in photo frames with different shape and style to make your photos
in glass, hand, etc.

⚫ Stylish Text & Sticker :
• Add cool and stylish font to your Download this photo editor app to find more features and lots of ready made Unique Photo Frame..
• Give your text to Color, Shadow, metal background etc.

⚫ Save & Share :
• Save image and use set as wallpaper, display picture, DP.
• Save your final photo into SD card with PIP Collage Maker .
• Save your photo into your external storage or mobile device.

Download this PIP Collage Photo Editor App for FREE now and create beautiful Stylish Photo and share with Social Media, Friends and Family.

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