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Circuit Basics Free #1
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*Circuit Basics Pro is available now to download from app store.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frostistudios.circuitbasicspro* Circuit Basics is a app which covers simple and basics of electronic circuit board
* Different types of switches with explanation
* Color Coded diagram to help identify resistor (Measured in ohm)
* Ohm's law in simple term.
* HD Pictures are included in every chapter
* There are two projects in this app ( Simple LED circuit & Simple Dark Sensor circuit)
* Big text sizes with a bright background for better view.
* This app is completely FREE
* This app is designed for high school students who does technology or something along that line.
* Made simple and easy to learn.
* Take it where you want! Learn how you want!
*Download it NOW.
* If you guys have any suggestion regarding adding in new things in the app, please feel free to comment below and I will do my best to include that in the next update.

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*Decimal Hex Binary Conversion*Bug Fixes*Screen Brightness Reduced*Bug Fixed*Multimeter (Pro Only)*Ohms Law Calculator (Pro only)Upgrade to Circuit Basics Pro*NEW* Brand new website http://www.circuitbasicspro.net46.net/*Upgrade to Circuit Basics Pro ad Free and more featuresFor every upgrade you make , that money will be used towards Developing the App further and add more features to it, please help us add more features to the App by upgrading to Pro version of Circuit Basics

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