4K Zoom Camera
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4k zoom camera is the best camera application to take beautiful pictures.
Camera is a perfect camera application for free, creating photos of the ultimate effects (saturation, brightness camera etc.).
 Free designed for all android devices.4K Zoom Camera It's a free and powerful photo editor that includes amazing editing tools to create beautiful photos with blurry and blurry backgrounds in your photos, the photo machine is totally free!
Free4K zoom camera is a very easy to use, designed to get Selfie's in high quality and resolution, perfect for great photos.

* High resolution hd shooting
* Excellent front camera shooting
* HD image capture feature
* Zooming, zooming feature
* Brightness, contrast, resolution settings
* Smart shooting
* Location targeting feature
* Different photo effects
* Real-time filters
* Night mode
* Flash feature
* Video capture
* Zoom
* Timer
? Face Detection alternative.
? Scene modes, white balance, color effects, Blur, Brightness, real-time filters and exposure compensation.
? Specify camera and video quality and resolution JPEG.
? Switch between front and rear camera.
? Video / Audio recording (HD quality, supports all resolutions 4K).
? Video recording (supports all resolutions including HD).
? Adjustable volume keys (zoom in ...)
? Option to turn off the shutter sound.
 Support for blur / lock, face recognition, torch effects.
? GUI, the option to optimize the right and left hand easily to change the direction.
? Lock the photo or video in portrait or landscape orientation.
? Remove with multi-touch gesture and one-touch control.
? (Some) external microphone support.
? Countdown timer.
? Photos, a date and time stamp, location coordinates and custom text to apply.
? Capture an excellent start HD camcorder experience.
? (With configurable delay) Remote control (optional audio countdown) timer auto-repeat? Mode.
? Night mode, Brightness settings, Flash feature, Photo editing effects.
? Optional GPS location (geotagging) tagging, photos and videos; (GpsImgdirectio dresses, GPSImgDirectionRef) for compass photos.
? Share your blur image back with family and friends with social media.
Now free
Designed for high-resolution HD quality photographs, the professional camera caters to millions of users.
The application is completely free and safe.
Have fun and excitement with your loved ones and take high resolution photos in hd quality.
All you need to do is to make a perfect experience with all its features.
Experience the difference with a professional HD camcorder with a convenient, free and secure application with excellent features ...
Thank you .. Good fun.

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