Collage Art - Collage Creator

Collage Art - Collage Creator

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Arrange your photos in collages in grid, with positions, you want them, in a simple and fun way with Collage ART. Collage ART gives you freedom to arrange your photos in the way you want, it gives you control over grid, background, borderless collages, and with Amazing Select&GO UI.Features:
-- Templates Based Grids
-- Static Grid up to 3x3
-- High Resolution Images support.(1600x1200)
-- Built in Album Based Gallery.
-- Transparent and Color Background Support.
--- Rotation/Flips in Edit Mode.
--- Up to 3 columns in a grid.
-- Image save to sdcard in CollageArt Directory.
Quick Instructions:
-- Start by Choosing either Grid Based Collage or Pre-Build Templates
-- Fill in the provided Grid your desired Image by clicking them.
-- Click Preview and your Collage is Ready.
-- If you want to flip / rotate click edit select any grid item, and apply your desired action. Click 'OK' icon on the left. Press DONE.
If you encounter any bug, please let us know by emailing or reporting the issue, we can not reply back to the comments.
The permission is required by Mobclix to properly deliver ads, please note, this application does not collect any private information whatsoever.
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Version : 2.0.2--- New Features Template Based Collages ( 16 wonderful templates included )--- More Edit Options--- UI Redesign--- Bug Fixes/Performance Improvements.--- Quality of resulting collage improvement.--- New Album Based Gallery to easily find the photos.Version: 2.0.3-- Minor Force Closing Fix for some users. If you are not experiencing any force close its fine to ignore the update.Version: 2.0.4- Minor Fixes and Support for 4.0+