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Looking for a simple, easy-to-use router?

With this work environment, even a child can roam

Reproduction of a legend of a successful router

We are proud to announce that we have prepared the 14th World Tour Route Route

We will add the capabilities added to this router to your loved ones

Features of version 14:

Co-ordination with new taxi services like Snap, Therapy, etc. ...

() (When these programs show you a passenger, you can roam the traveler))

This version was not available in version 13 of the worldview, but with the installation of this version, version 13 and the new version will simultaneously support this feature

Traffic Show and Traffic System:

When you want to navigate the destination, we will suggest routes based on the traffic police data and international traffic information. You can select and route from one path to another.

((Just like the Google Map Router))

Example In the settings you can select one of the modes Just before the routing will also be asked:

Which one do you choose?

Approaching the route with traffic

Short route or the closest route regardless of traffic

Easy path and asphalt without intermediate, with consideration of traffic

Display speed control cameras and alert them

Announcement of road failures, dirt, snowstorms, etc. on the route

Traffic plan details of the couple and its range

Complete Iran's full offline map with the smallest possible size with the latest 3D data technology

View routing to two classic two-dimensional and new three-dimensional modes

Speaker Alert & Announcement with 2000 Dialogue Dialogs & Guides

Has 16 sound and speaker modes for dear drivers.

Men's Voice Down Theme

Sweet girl's voice


Book girl

Wireless roaming police

Little devil

Woman Top Top Theme

Computer woman

Help giant

Dragon Smash

Updated the map of Iran on 11/30/2013

Other features of the new version:

Accurate routing and attractive 3D and two dimensional views for better routing and better right and left detection

Download maps and sounds all from within the same application

Install the online taxi plugin from within this app

A beautiful, yet very simple and user-friendly graphical environment for beginners

Map view to four different modes of day, night, outdoors and samples

Display scale based on km miles and yard

Display names on a map based on international states, phone languages, local or all of them together

Speed alert notification

Hiking and cycling mode

Thank you, dear people, for supporting this project. We will also promise to keep this project more successful than ever with strong sustained support.

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