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Amazing Tattoo Ideas #1
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So you've decided you want a tattoo. Look no further than the Amazing Tattoo Ideas app for all the information and inspiration you'll need for your venture. Or, if you already have a stellar tattoo and you want to show it to the world, send in a photo and add it to the app's gallery collection.
Arm Yourself with Information
Make your decision to get a tattoo an informed one. Amazing Tattoo Ideas provides 1000s of tattoo ideas, guidelines based on professional experience, research, and clinical practice.
Get guidance on how to choose a studio and a tattoo artist, learn about health precautions, and read specific instructions on how to care for your new tat.
Crazy, Beautiful, Amazing Tattoo Art
Check out 1000s of tattoo images in the gallery, whether you're looking for a sweet devotion tat or something a little more hard core, or you just want to appreciate the art. You'll find all kinds of tattoos in this app, some crazy, some beautiful, and some completely bonkers but all amazing.
You can save your favorites to the SD card of your mobile device, send tattoos to a friend, or even add it to your facebook page.
You can also send a photo of your own tattoos for inclusion in the gallery to inspire and awe others.
Inked Up is the Only Tattoo Network you need exclusive on Android.
Whats NEW:
-Tattoos in Categories
-Save ALL photos to SD
-Share Photos with Friends by Email, MMS
-Add Tattoos to your Facebook Page (Cool)
-Upload Your Tat / Body Art photos.
-Uploads will appear within 3-5 Days
Network for Tattoos, Tats, Ink & Body Art Lovers.
Permissions Breakdown:
Internet Access is for searching & displaying users tattoos
Your Location is for in-app ads, so more relevant ads are shown to you for your specific country. (e.g Localised Restaurant vouchers)
Storage is so you can save the tattoos to your SD card.
We share data with a service provider, AppLovin Corporation. The use of your data by AppLovin is subject to AppLovin's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Both policies are available at www.applovin.com
We do not personally collect any data, if we could remove the permissions we would, but then we wouldn't make any money to even pay for our coffee, or time developing the app, adding new features, new tattoo ideas & so on...its free so just enjoy the ideas and inspiration you get..
Thanks for reading guys
Lucy, Jenna and Ady

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UPDATE:- Fixed Image Loading Problem- User interface updated- Better Look and feel- 1000s More Tattoos added

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