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Let's have a laugh with the newest free app for entertainment – Funny Faces Swap! Here you can edit pics like no one else! Use it as a funny head swap app! Turn on your selfie camera and do a faceshift with your friends, family, celebrities or even animals! The results are hilarious! This is a face morphing app for you to amuse people and yourself! Have a crazy good time and laugh out loud! When you see the images made in this “funny face changer” you will be amazed! Make a pic montage and start a masquerade! Our silly picture face swapper lets you switch faces in pictures! Your belly will hurt from laughter! Start a photo fun challenge – see who's the ugliest!

😂 Funny face photo switch to make super fun pic swap montages! 😂

'Funny Faces Swap'editor helps you be cool and popular! Join the Internet craze and free download crazy face switch camera now! You can also change gender if you replace face effects of a man and a woman! This “swap booth” offers endless combinations - use pictures of famous people, Bollywood actors and actresses and make silly faces! Switch swap, twist and mix smiles, eyes and noses! Make a grimace, take a picture of it and put it on your friends' head with this switch face app for girls and for boys! Nothing's better than morphing apps to edit my photo! “Swap it”!

😂 How to use Funny Faces Swap? 😂
It's super easy! Just snap a new pic with your camera in this faceapp, or use one from your gallery album! Then double tap on the image to fine adjust. After that, just drag to move, pinch to scale and rotate! And voila! Create crazy pics with the funniest face ever! Make comical face swap image to share on social networks! Amusement guaranteed! Lots of smiles inevitable! If you like picture apps, this is the right one for you!

Features for the funniest photo editor app:
👼 ⬌👿 A great time killer and a funny faceswap!
👦⬌ 👧 Extra funny photo app just like a gender bender app and swap editor!
👽⬌💁 We promise many laughs with this morph faces editor and friend blender!
👳⬌💂 Packed with superb features – edit facial selfies in this mixbooth!
🐼⬌🐴 Crazy photo editors and effects – start trolling your friends now with make up face swap booth!

Want funny apps for editing photos? This is the best one yet! Throw a faceparty and use pictureswap with mask face exchange! Turn your photo face changer camera on and start swapping! Produce funny images in an outrageous photo mixture app! Something like a gender switch can also be done when you use this interchange face mixer – a lady with mustache and a man with lipstick on photo can be found! Not only a head change photo editor, it is so much more! Change your appearance with change face warp apps and awesome“swap camera”! Have you ever played games and fun apps for kids? Well, this is a million times better! Funny celebrity face swop available free of charge! If you are into “photo morphing” and camera apps, this is a perfect mixbooth for you to make funny romantic photos of couples!

Download free funny face juggler to play tricks on guys and chicks!

Do you and your sibling look alike? Merge faces camera app will help you figure it out! If nothing changes when you use switch heads app – you know the answer! Cool photo editing tools and employ them to create hilarious swop pics! Not only a gender switch app! Entertain friends with picture montages made in this “LOL photo booth”! Transform with a dog face and make funny memes with animal swap! This is a funny images photo editor and you have to have it! Just like a photo mashup app – this facecam for photo swop will become your favorite funny booth! Cut face paste new one over your image and ROFL with photo head swap app! Make a face fusion in this photo parts combiner! It's a challenge! Join the funny side! Just like overlap photos!

The best joker face swap in photo filters for jokes and pranks awaits!

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