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Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting

Type Game
Category Role Playing
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Developer Fun Splash Studios
Size59 MB
Last update6/10/2018
Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting is the latest street fighting game based on robots fighting entirely. Enjoy clash of metal with metal and steel with steel. Play with real metal robots and engage in thrilling street fights. Play with amazing new warrior robots and enjoy the simulation of powerful steel robot characters in the amazing Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting. Use amazing combat skills along with special power attacks. Power-up and fight amazing warrior style in this epic street fight. Featuring the thrilling combat is against various famed robot warriors. Fight many enemies in this one man army street fighting simulator.
Play on smooth and player-friendly controls. You can play with the other game characters too. Pick any of your favorite character and select the level where you want to fight in. the rule is simple and the gameplay is awesome. You are alone with an army of robot warriors. Practice, defend and fight using kung-Fu and Ninja fighting art in the epic street fight of robot heroes and evil warriors. Enjoy mesmerizing graphics in a beautiful 3D environment and enjoy amazing fighting sound effects and incredible powers. Fight along the legendary steel robot warriors and survive in the most thrilling fighting competition of all time. Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting is a fun for kids fighting simulator with thrilling fights, awesome power attacks and eye-catching graphics.
Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting is our brand new robot hero street fighting series game. Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting is featuring the powerful combat robot against furious evil robots in the ultimate showdown of robot warriors. Fight multiple enemy robots and fight powerful huge warrior boss class robots. Equip guns, baseball bats and pick up objects to refuel your energy bar. Unlock special powered robots by fighting and earning the money to unlock them. Unlock powerful robots and kill evil robots and save the city.
Robot Kung Fu Street Fighting is the ultimate treat for real metal steel fighting robot fans. Download for free.

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