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Last update11/28/2020
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News magazine and social network for women

Special for Ladies (Banned by Men!)

Get the latest girly and feminine news for any tastes

Enjoy advanced social networking. Follow others. Comment, rate points and users. Take a picture in a photographer

Create your own professional profile

Have your own personal content

See the latest fashion and beauty news, pregnancy, entertainment, cooking, cinema and cast news, sports and health, and lots of other cool stuff.

Content categories in Mamanaplus:

✔ Fashion and Beauty

✔ Beauty Surgery

✔ Fun

✔ Cooking

✔ Types of Diet

✔ Medical and health

✔ Intent on pregnancy

✔ Pregnancy

✔ Childbirth

✔ baby

✔ baby

✔ Parents

✔ Infertility

✔ Home and Family

✔ Psychology

✔ Lifestyle

Chat system features:

✔ Ability to select people from the list

✔ Single-player and secure chat feature

✔ Ability to share content within the program between users

✔ View the profile of the opposite side

✔ Blocking feature

✔ Ripple feature (respond to a specific text)

✔ New and exclusive emoticons and emoticons

✔ Three-step submission (uploaded - Received by the user - viewed)

Mamanaplus specialized facilities:

✔ Week to Week of Pregnancy

✔ Month to month baby

✔ Year to year baby

✔ Calculate body calories

✔ Calculate body mass

✔ Calculate baby's vaccination time

✔ Calculate baby birth time

✔ Calculate the timing

✔ Calculate the age

✔ The ways of getting caught up

✔ Girlfriending ways

✔ Calculates the time of ovulation in the body

- show admin groups in users list
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