Ultimate Photo Mixer
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Blend Me Photo Editor is application with concept of photo blender mixup using bokeh effect. This app allows you to select your pic from gallery and apply bokeh effect on picture.

Photo Mixer Ultimate application through you makes your own photo album and also gives the different effect of your photo also you give the border, different style text, different stickers are also add.

App's Blender Camera Photo or Photo mixer shaped reflection App's photo blender camera blender shaped reflection Stacked photos Image Overlay Creative.

In Cut Paste option of this Application, user Cut a Portion of Photo from existing background & paste it on another.
In this option user can create new photo by cropping a portion of photo from existing background and pasting it on

Ultimate Photo Editor provides easy to use professional photo editing tools like Enhance, Orientation, Crop, Effects and much more so you can enhance your pictures and stand out from the crowd on social media.

Blend me photo editor contains lot of background images which can make your photo more beautiful.

This Photo Blender is an amazing app that can blend two of your photos into a single photo to build fascinating posters with simple taps. Also match your photos in equal proportions with a spontaneous crop adjustment and set your blend image transparency with easy swipe gestures!

Blend two of your Photos into a single Photo to create a theme for the Photos.

------ Key Features ------

[Overlay Photo Effect]
Edit your photo with overlay lighting bokeh effect.

[Blend Photo Mixer]
Blend and Mix unlimited photos with high resolution and beautifully crafted backgrounds.

[Image Color Filter]
Add image color filter on your picture.

- Edit pictures like professionals with many editing tools.

[Crop Tool]
Rotate image as you want and crop image using this tool.

[Text & Stickers]
Add some words over the pic and some new stickers from sticker library.

[Save & Share]
Edit your photo in just two steps and share it with your friend.

Mix Photos has unique Collages Like:

1. Grid Collages With Grids for 2,3,4,5,6 Photos. You can create awesome grids with each Photo in Different Photo Effect (Double Tap on Photo to Set a Photo Filter or Effect).
2. Free Flow Collages. Select any number of Photos and Create Free Flow Collages. Unique Two Finger Gestures to move photos around, Resize Photos, Rotate Photos.
3. Add Text to collages in different fonts, Colors and Sizes. The Text on Photos is saved with Collages.
4. Borders. Photo Borders that can be configured.
5. Background. Huge number of Photo Textures that can be applied as Backgrounds for Collages.
6. Stickers- 400+ Stickers with various themes including Mothers day theme, Fathers Day theme, Love theme and more.

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