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Jukebox Music Player is a powerful and simple to use and FREE music player for Android. It functions with the simplicity of touchscreen jukeboxes found in bars but with many more features.

AUTOMATIC LYRIC DOWNLOADS - Searches the internet for lyrics to all of your music.

Some features:

    Simple to use, Material Design user interface

    Only 3 different screens to navigate

    Easy Queue management. re-order the queue, remove songs, clear the queue, save the queue as a playlist, or play any song in the queue at any time. It's all simple to do.

    Built-in Equalizer with BassBoost and presets.

    Lyrics automatically download from the internet.

    Track Editor to edit music info

    Album artwork displayed throughout. Album artwork loads quickly and easily to allow better visual navigation.

    Notification Controls. Skip tracks, play/pause the player, or stop playback all from your device's notifications. No need to go into the app to control playback.

    Import playlists created using other devices even PCs. Jukebox Music Player will interpret any playlist that contains your music. Give it a try!

    Folder Browsing. An innovative easy-to-use folder browsing system. Only see the folders that contain your music.

    Rate your music then browse your library based on your ratings. Create playlists that contain only your highest rated songs.

    Smart DJ As you listen to music and rate music. The SmartDJ feature will pick music based on your tastes.

    Last.fm Scrobbling You can enable scrobbling by entering your Last.fm username/password in settings. If you listen to 30% of a song, it will be scrobbled to your last.fm account.

    It's FREE and does not contain ads.

Easily browse your music library by genres, folders, albums, artists, similar artists, years, most played, etc. Or search for songs and artists with the powerful search feature. This music players supports most music formats (MP3, AAC, Flac, Vorbis, Midi, Wav, etc.).

Built in multi-band Equalizer with presets and BassBoost allows you to customize the sound.

Smart DJ -- Smart DJ is accessible by clicking the 'brain with headphones' icon in the toolbar of the Manage Queue page. Smart DJ will add songs to the queue based on your music tastes. It's like Pandora but better and with your music library. The more you listen to music and rate songs the more accurate Smart DJ will become. There are 4 different accuracy levels. Level 4 is the most accurate and will pick many of your favorite songs/artists. Level 1 is the least accurate and will be more liberal in picking songs focusing more on genres you listen to. You can also chooses a specific genre and Smart DJ will only pick music from that genre.

Jukebox Music Player is the Swiss Army Knife of music players: Simple and compact with many useful functions. All music searching and browsing needs take place on one screen.

Jukebox Music Player was designed so anyone can pick it up and easily find a song. It's like a portable jukebox that can be passed around to your friends so they can queue up songs. Features can be turned on/off to limit functionality if needed.

Listening to music on your Android Device has never been easier with Jukebox Music Player. Give it a try!

Please send me any feature requests to goudysoft@gmail.com

Similar Artists update has been released.

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