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GT Photo Albums 3D #1
GT Photo Albums 3D #2
GT Photo Albums 3D #3
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The most realistic flip book & photo grid, now completely free! No ads, no notifications!
The PRO (payed) version comes with more functionality. This extra functionality will be backported to the free version in future versions.If you like this app please consider purchasing the PRO version to support the continuing development.
PRO version comes with:
- image effects: sepia, greyscale, brightness, saturation, 'toon', hue, contrast
- crop any image
- set app background;
- set top bar color;
- set image as wallpaper
Browse through your photos using your fingers to turn the pages, just like on a real photo album!
GT Photo Albums 3D allows you to organize your photos into albums and view them like you would in real life. You can choose between 3 display modes for 3D view: always show one page, always two pages or hybrid mode: depending on screen orientation, your album will show left and right pages if in landscape mode, or just one page in portrait mode.
GT Photo Albums 3D also provides a 'grid' interface, for easy management of your images: rotate images, delete them or simply view EXIF information about that specific picture.
Full screen image view and slideshow are also available from the 'flat' view mode: pinch to zoom the image in or out, and swipe to show next or previous image.
- 3D view: flip the pages just as you would on a real photo album!
- 3D view modes: show only one page, show two pages always or hybrid mode: change between one and two pages according to screen orientation
- List view: view more images in a traditional 'grid' layout
- fullscreen image view, with two-finger zoom and swipe to next or previous image
- fullscreen slideshow
- Album operations: add, delete, rename album and view information about it
- Image operations: rotate, delete image, view image details (including EXIF data)
- option to import images into an album
This application requires several permissions:
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - image and album operations

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

Version 1.3.3:- major UI rewrite- bugfixes- speed and stability improvements- last image in album (pro feature) is now available in standard versionpro:- image effects: sepia, greyscale, brightness, saturation, 'toon', hue, contrast- crop any image- set app background;- set top bar color;

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