حجم:۱۲.۶ مگابایت
نسخه: ۸.۱(۱۳۹۵/۰۲/۱۷)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Tuding, the social photo sharing application that links people and places together with location. It's a free and fun way to create, share and connect with the world. Snap a photo, personalize it with a custom filter and start sharing those wonderful moments with your family and friends!Are you a cool artist who likes taking photos?
Are you a beauty queen addicted to the selfie?
Are you a mobile socialite looking to capture and share the vignettes of your life?
With Tuding you can build and share your diary of the real world as it happens.
Login in with your Facebook, Twitter, SinaWeibo, QQ etc. account to start sharing today!
- Incorporate 'recall' function, allow users to see what happened in the past week, month and years
- Language Support: English & Chinese
- Real-time image filters such as Lavender, Toast, B&W, Beauty, Amber, Osaka, etc.
- Real-time tilt shift function.
- Auto-share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, SinaWeibo, QQ, Wechat, RenRen, Kaixin and major SNS accounts.
- Automatically add location to the photos and easily find and interact with friends nearby.
- Become a Tuding Star Program and be internationally recognized.
- Tag your photos videos for easy and fast organization.

Support Email Address: service-tuding@zinantech.cn

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

- add IM
- add emojis
- You can like photo by double clicks
- You can delete comments now
- enhanced user experience
- compatible with iPhone4/4s

   دسترسی های نرم افزار

  • دوربین
  • اینترنت
  • پیدا کردن موقعیت جغرافیایی دستگاه
  • پیدا کردن موقعیت جغرافیایی از روی شبکه
  • خواندن وضعیت گوشی
  • دیدن وضعیت شبکه
  • خواندن وضعیت روشن/خاموش بودن wifi
  • نوشتن بر روی حافظه گوشی
  • تغییر وضعیت wifi
  • دریافت خبر بوت شدن دستگاه
  • ضبط صدا
  • بیدار نگه داشتن دستگاه
  • تغییر در حساب‌های کاربری دستگاه
  • دریافت حساب‌های کاربری دستگاه
  • دسترسی به تسک‌های دستگاه
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