Pencil Art-Sketch Poster Maker
Pencil Art-Sketch Poster Maker

Pencil Art-Sketch Poster Maker

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'How to draw with pencils?' Ignore this question if you just want to pencil sketch your photo, because here we got a new way to do it.

Introducing Pencil Art-Pencil Sketch Free, a sketches app that line art your photo and make your photo pencil art in one second. Photo airbrushing with pencil sketch effect function within helps you to copy paste any of your photo and turn it into pencils drawing.

Pencil Art-Pencil Sketch Free actually allows you to sketch photo your photo with 3 excellent pincel sketching effects. You just need to use the pencil camera or choose sketches of photo, your own pencil art print with no fuss.

Looking for an app to mimic sketch effects like portrait sketch and landscape sketch forms? Care to airbrush your photography with automatic hand-drawn textures? Hope to receive some help from a sketch guru? The best sketch camera on android OS, loved by users from across all continents, Pencil Camera is here to assist you in transforming vivid images into genuine sketches with much ease.

Pencil Camera is your ultimately go-to application for stunning sketch effects. It can instantly transform landscape photos into a sketch right from your phone camera, or convert selfies from your gallery into nicely done portrait sketches. Your imagination is the limit—with Pencil Camera you can create manga comics, hand-drawn pictures and many more forms of art! Be the next sketch guru!

——Main Features——

- Instant Sketch Effects: your photo is one button click away from a beautiful sketch
- Easy Adjustment: 3 modes for further refining your sketch artworks
- Social Sharing: share your sketches with friends via built-in channels on your phone


-1) How should I fine-tune my sketch effects?
Answer: you can modify the sketch effects by switching between “low”, “medium” and “high”modes in Pencil Camera.

-2) Don’t you have colour sketch effects?
Answer: unfortunately, for the time being, only black and white sketch effects are enabled in this version of Pencil Camera. We are working on the colour one too.

-3) What are the differences between Pencil Camera and many other sketch camera apps?
Answer: We offer the most simplistic sketch camera filters, and so is our user interface design approach, which helps you effortlessly create sketch artworks from your photos.

——Contact Us———

We’d appreciate your feedback on Pencil Camera!

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