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Soft Keys home back button (bottom navigation bar)

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Developer infinityapps007
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Last update8/1/2019
* Soft Keys home back button (bottom navigation bar) application is for users who have trouble using buttons.
* Replace a failed and broken buttons.

* Soft Keys home back button (bottom navigation bar) uses ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.

* 'ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE' are used only for the following functions :
- Home
- Back
- Recent

Soft Keys home back button (bottom navigation bar) Navigation Control bar is a nice little navigation bar which you can place anywhere on screen for easy access . it also enables you to customize your navigation bar by selecting and applying different themes on navigation bar. Navigation Control bar is designed to be as simple as possible . Navigation control bar offers the back button , home button and recents button along with an added button to move the navigation bar to the area of screen where you want it.
Some of the features of this Soft Keys home back button (bottom navigation bar) are:-
1- Simple app to offer simple Navigation control bar for easy access
2- Back button functionality
3- Home button functionality
4- Recent button functionality
5- Navigation bar is always displayed on top of other apps
6- Move the navigation control to anywhere on screen
7- Customizable Navigation bar. Apply different themes and different icon set
8- tap On/Off button to easily on and off the custom navigation control bar

##### Important Note ######
This App needs BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE . It uses Accessibility Service to perform Back, Home, Recent Apps Event. This app does not store your passwords, credit card numbers or other personal Information.

Note:- In order for this app to work you should tap On Accessibility Services for this app.
1:- Go to Accessibility Services and tap on Navigation Bar.
2:- Give Accessibility Permissions to Navigation Bar.

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