Invitation Card Maker

Invitation Card Maker

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Invitation Card Maker

Invitation Card Maker app provides facility to design customized Invitation Cards for any occasion.

Invitation Card maker is the easiest app to use for making special event invitations. From the convenience of your smart phones, you can quickly create fun and exciting greeting cards with invitation card maker’s card maker features.

You can fully customize the invitation card: different fonts, size, color, rearrange the location of text. You also can use for photo to make it as the background of the invitation.

Invitation Card Maker is a fast & easy to use app to create wonderful invitation cards on the go. Just select the background you like from beautiful HD backgrounds collection, add attractive stickers from occasion vise categorized sticker collection and write your personalized text with multiple professional fonts. and thats it you Invitation Card is ready to roll.

Custom invitation cards have a one-of-a-kind sense of personality and charm! Canva’s invitation maker makes it easy to unleash your creative flair with our amazingly simple drag and drop design too

Invitation Card Maker Features :

♥ Easy to use.Create perfect invitation card easily!
♥ You can select a card design of your choice.
♥ Can add photos and color
♥ Add your own text to personalize the cards!
♥ Can write information about occasion such as names, date, time and place and other.
♥ Can customize cards from a variety of options like text, color, stickers and backgrounds.
♥ No in-app purchase
♥ Full Free version
♥ Work for both Phones and Tablets

Invitation Card Maker is a perfect combination of Simplicity, Beauty and Functionality. and its loaded with many features and assets to create your Invitation Cards Maker perfect every time.

How to use:

♥ Download the invitation card editor for free!
♥ Send custom-made photo cards!
♥ Choose a favorite 'invitation card maker'!
♥ Write a message on the beautiful occasion and party invitation cards HD!
♥ Save the personalized card to your device and send it to your friends!

Invitation Card Maker Tool:

Beautiful HD Background Collection.
- Hand picked HD backgrounds for inavitations
- You can also add your own pictures on the invitation cards from your gallery or camera

Various artistic Texture Collection.
- Artistic textures to choose as background

Option to choose color as background.
- Choose color as background from color picker

Category vise categorized sticker collection.
- Categorized stickers to make invitation cards look professional

Write text with multiple professional fonts & colors.
- Invite your friends and family in your own words

Option to use own images from gallery as background.
- Use your own image as background for your invitation card

Multiple aspect ratio for invitation cards.
- Different aspect ratio option to create cards for every social media platform

Add own images on card from gallery or camera.
- Add your image or vanue image on cards from gallery or camera

Save & Share
- Save your Invitation Cards and share on any social networking platform directly from the app.

Creating verity of invitation cards for any party occasions such as:

♥ Anniversary Invitation Card Maker
♥ Birthday Invitation Card Maker
♥ House Warming Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Golden Jubilee Invitation Card Maker
♥ Marriage Anniversary Invitation Card Maker
♥ Kitty Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Kids Birthday Invitation Card Maker
♥ Bachelor Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Dinner Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Farewell Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Lunch Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Pool Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Office Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ School Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ College Party Invitation Card Maker
♥ Baby shower invitation card maker free!
♥ Engagement invitation e card design app!

Just have the perfect greeting and invitation at your finger tip🎆●🎆

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