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Online asking taxi, courier and freight transport of goods and passengers by Intelligent Systems (THREEP)

With THREEP all people anywhere in Iran safely can take a taxi and transfer their packages. There is no need that anyone for anything install a software on his/her phone because THREEP is a software for all! For all passengers and for drivers. Passengers using THREEP apply their request- drivers see the request and accept it. Uses search motors or pickup trucks around them and send their request and drivers as soon as accept or reject their request. Whatever you be in Tehran or in Yazd or anywhere else all people work with one application and where they are sitting whether at home, what is work and what is behind the car and motors, they can do their job. THREEP considers all because using THREEP all are winner, people, drivers and even taxi offices, courier, pickup trucks and ...


Simply see the taxi, courier and pickup trucks around them on their mobile phone and ask one nearest. When THREEP propose their request to driver or car ensure them to become aware of driver and will be able to know what car or from which taxi service will provide service for them and along the way that car can be seen on their phone, since the car goes toward them until reach the designation. Finally, they almost pay fees online.

Drivers and Motorcyclists:

They don’t have stress or concern about when and where they can find passenger! Because THREEP wherever they are find the passenger and requesters and introduce them to each other. They don’t have need to stay in a station to find passenger, even THREEP makes it possible if they have a service, they are not requiring to come back empty and without passenger and THREEP find them a passenger.

Service agencies and offices:

By THREEP agencies, offices of courier and transportation are reassured, they don’t lose their drivers because THREEP show drivers with their brand and name. People trust them so they are reassured, For this reason, most of drivers will become member to work with them and THREEP also by giving commission to both drivers and offices tries to keep everyone satisfied.

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