Lock Screen for Samsung j5
Lock Screen for Samsung j5

Lock Screen for Samsung j5

حجم:۸.۳ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۲۷۶.۲۸.۳(۱۳۹۶/۱۰/۲۳)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
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A new launcher 2017 version is here! This superb Lock Screen for Samsung j5 looks amazing on every Android smartphone or tablet. This new lock screen for Samsung has beautiful HD graphics. Makes your Android device look nice while helping you to keep it safe, at the same time.
Download this Lock Screen for Samsung j5 for free and customize the settings for quick access to your most used apps, directly from the lock screen. This screen lock for Samsung is ideal for all those that enjoy customizing their Android experience. Install this lock screen for Galaxy J5 and enjoy a superb screen Locker for your smartphone.

With our latest Lock screen wallpaper you can personalize your Android phone or tablet in a simple way. Try the new Lockscreen theme, Lock Screen for Samsung j5!

This app helps you Lock your smartphone and decorate it. Your phone will look amazing. Access top apps directly from your home screen and keep your phone safe using a Lockscreen theme that works with some of the best Lock screen apps!

★How to use our new Lockerscreen★

Download Lock Screen for Samsung j5 and wait for the Lockscreen theme to install on your device;
Open the application and swipe to customize Lockscreen settings;
• Select the 'Set Active Theme' button and wait a few seconds for the Lockscreen theme to activate;
•The homescreen Lockscreen is now installed and you have a new way to keep your phone or tablet safe!

Notice ★ This Locker screen theme works with the GO Locker - theme & wallpaper, Lock Screen Apps For Android or Ultra Lock Screen. If you do not have either Locker screen app installed on your Android device you will get instructions. When you first open the Lock Screen for Samsung j5 app, you will see a message that will take you to the download page.

More themes for Lockscreen ★ If you want to personalize your phone or tablet with more themes, visit our developer page! We have many designs for you! With this amazing Locker screen wallpaper you get all the features of the GO Locker - theme & wallpaper app and an amazing design.

•◆ Access any app directly from your Lockscreen!
•◆ Change which apps can be accessed from your Lock screen. Access the settings menu on your device;
•◆ Read text messages and instant messages directly from your Lockscreen. You will never want to use other screen Lockers! Customize your phone and keep it safe with the Lock Screen for Samsung j5.

Our team created Lock Screen for Samsung j5 using beautiful original art. Decorate your smartphone with a new Lockscreen theme! You can see how the Lockscreen app theme would look on your phone! We have published HD screenshots. See how this Lockscreen theme looks on any Android phone.

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Better design, smaller size & performance improvements. Now you can use this theme with our great launcher!!

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